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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Personal Progress and Faith In God

Personal Progress

Tonight I sat down with Whitney and tried to get her motivated to work on her Personal Progress goals. I think it's a great program and a wonderful way to set goals.

The most difficult part for me is... to motivate her to really WANT to do them. I know she thinks she wants to, but she needs a little more of a positive attitude toward doing it. I know, I know that she is 15 and what 15 year old wants to sit with their mother and set goals? Not many... but she was a really good sport tonight, and I know that the more we make this a daily routine... the better and easier it will become.

We are also striving as a family to read:

So some 2011 Family Goals: Whit and Ben Personal Progress and Faith in God, Read the Book of Mormon

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