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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Quick Update...

Randy and I are off to Vegas in a little while, but we've decided NOT to participate in the triathlon. It was mostly my idea. I want a nice, relaxing VACATION and that was not included.

I am reading a great book:

It's about a man raised Jewish but feels blah about his religion. So he sets out to visit a variety of Christian churches for a year. It's fascinating.

I'm reading the B of M a little. Just read about Samuel the Lamanite. He's awesome!

I feel really good about spending more time with the kids. I took Ben for his birthday party out to Boondocks. It worked out GREAT! They had a wonderful time. They were really well behaved too. Randy and I were able to just sit and hang out and not worry too much about them.

Goals: Get back to a good exercise schedule. Of course as always... Eat HEALTHIER!!!

Keep spending individual, quality time with each kid. Enjoy LIFE!!! Try not to trip out too hard core about it...

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