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Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I am laughing pretty hard after reading my last post about not doing the triathlon. We actually did end up participating here are the results:

I'm in the 30-34 age group. I placed 7th in my division and 18th overall female.

But... What I am happiest about after participating in this tri is my own personal growth and the things I've learned from this experience.

#1 Just do it! I don't need to be in "perfect" condition. I am so lucky to be healthy enough to just participate. I met a lady on my Spark~People group that was doing the Pumpkinman Triathlon as her first ever tri. She has lost 100 pounds and started exercising. She was nervous about competing. And here I am, I thought, whining about not being able to really compete.

Anyway... it was so SO SO rewarding to meet her and watch her Just Finish to FINISH! It brought back all the memories of my first tri and being able to finish and knowing all the hardships I'd overcome. It was just incredible. I am so happy I went and was able to meet her.

#2 I'm re~motivated to exercise and eat healthy. I met a guy that was talking about 1/2 Ironman's and Ironman's. He told me I needed to get it out of my head that I have to run the whole thing or go "hard". Just finishing a 1/2 Ironman for now would be a HUGE accomplishment.

#3 I went for a run on Sunday outside, about 7-8 miles. I had the GREATEST run. It was up and down a few hills. Well... 2 things came out of this run. #1 I really enjoy running outside and want to participate in maybe a 1/2 marathon soon. Possibly even a marathon and #2 FREAKN' IT~Band is NOT completely gone. Grrrrrrrrr...........

I'm okay with my knee though. I really realized it is very much triggered by the downhill running. That's when it started to "act up". I'm so happy that I figured this out during my own run and not during an event. But... it reminds me that I need to keep stretching it and strengthening it and remember to take care of my knees.

Yet again... Life is so good! I have the GREATEST husband, kids, and FAMILY! I am very blessed. I really love my life and am trying to be more content with the things I've been given and the hand I've been dealt.

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