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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Update #6

August 16, 2008

Thank you God for all that I've been given. Especially my family and friends. I am also very thankful for my health. Please help me to take better care of myself emotionally and physically. Weekly Thankful List: My husband: He bought me 12 more Personal Trainer sessions, he brought me flowers on my first day back to school, he took my daughter to all her soccer tournament games, he dropped my son off at camp each day and picked him up then took him to soccer or piano, or just hung out with him. I am so overwhelmed by all his kindness and love for me. I feel so blessed and lucky and of course the list could go on and on. I am thankful for my students and their families. I had 13 familes show up for conferences this year. Only 7 missed, and I've called most of them. I have a wonderful bunch of students this year and feel very lucky. My dear, dear, most precious children!!! I am so LUCKY!!! They really are good kids, and I am so lucky to be their mother. When I am ornery and at times a not~so~good mommy, they are so quick to forgive me. My son always let's me lay with him and asks me to hold him. Oh how SWEET!!! My daugther got a book for us to ask each other questions. I am so glad she seeks my advice and listens to me. That's such a blessing at 13. My FRIENDS!!! Especially my spark friends. I wish I could write more daily thank you's. I am going to try to catch up today on sparkmail and comments. I truly am thankful for you gals!!! You are so helpful and inspirational. I don't feel so isolated and alone. Your comments are PRICELESS!!! They really do help even though this week I've felt overwhelmed and haven't been able to write each of you back. Know I LOVE you and thank you!!! Again Thanks to God above for all my many blessings big and small... I will try to be more humble and grateful daily.

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