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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Update #7

August 22, 2008

LoL!!! I am excited and feel BLAH at the same time. I've had a LONG week. My daughter got home yesterday, and she is being a typical 13 year old. You just can't WIN!!! I am reminding myself... As a REWARD instead of CANDY... Go lay down and RELAX... ENJOY... I don't need to EAT as a relief from a LONG day. Ok... Tomorrow is my sprint triathlon. I am actually VERY excited. I don't feel pressured, because it is the shorter distance, I just feel excited, excited, EXCITED... I am going to kick BUTT!!! I don't have a wetsuit, but I still want to finish in the top 5 overall women and top 2-3 of my age division. We'll see... maybe there'll be a lot of tough competition like the last tri I did. If so... BRING IT ON!!! LOL!!!

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