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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Update #4

August 12, 2008

Ok... this is kind of hard to explain... Just LONG... But... My brother has two darling daughters going into 2nd grade and Kindergarten. My brother is divorced and his wife is a little crazy. She has a 13 year old that's my brother's step daughter that continually runs away. She's left my 2 nieces ALONE for hours when she has been babysitting them. The 2 girls are usually just neglected get NO attention. It's just really sad. So... I had this great idea. My brother has been so torn trying to work out a way to help his girls. Well... I finally came up with the perfect plan. Their mom works by my school so I thought they could come to my school. We have a great after school program, and I love the teachers. It would work PERFECTLY. I was so excited. And... my school is on the way to my brother's ex-wive's work. Well.... I worried that my brother's ex wouldn't go for it. I never considered that my own principal wouldn't. We NEED students we only have 233 students in our entire school. Last year we had 310. I thought she would be happy to have them. NOPE.... she will not let them come. She said rude things to me, and I really took this personally. She says our Kindergarten is full, but it isn't. We only have 40 kids registered and our legislature staffs us at 50. It's just sad. I was heart~broken. I was just desperately hoping they could be near me where I could help them out. Oh well... another day.

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