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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Update #5

August 13, 2008

Oh my gosh!!! I have not had a kid tell me "Shut Up!" ever as a teacher. I seriously could NOT believe it!!! It was a little under his breath, but oh my gosh!!! So... to make a VERY long story short... I took him out of class and was going to put him in another classroom to "cool" off and to let me "cool" off. LOL! But... he was being defiant and wouldn't go. I managed to get him in the hall. Then he started to cry just a little, but he would not move. Luckily... 2 other adults came by. One was our computer assistant. He is a male and really helped, but then miraculously the counselor came by and nicely took him into her little room. She came to me later and told me this... He never would talk to her. He just told her something bad had happened. So she called his mother. We found out... There has been a close family member death in the past few days. The funeral is tomorrow. WHAT??? Hello!!! It would have been so helpful to know that before this whole confrontation. He told me to shut up because I was trying to help him do his work. I was nicely sitting with him and another boy helping them with their reading work, and he wouldn't do any of it. Well... Duh!!! Now I know why. I just couldn't believe it. Welcome to my world!!! Tomorrow is Back~2~School Night. I am hoping to get more than 5 parents to come. That's what I got last year out of 35 families.

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