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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Update #2

Well... I knew this week would be a busy one, so I'm really not surpriesed. But... Man~o~Man I'm ready for the weekend. Although... Today: Go Horseback riding at my uncle's, have lunch at my mom's, go swimming with the kids, and then get home and finish my lesson plans for next week. Yesterday was fun but busy too. I was at school until about 5:30, then I had to leave to get home to go to a Martina McBride concert. That was pretty fun. I was surprised there weren't very many people there, but I guess entertainment is the first thing to go when the economy is what it is. Anyway... as we were coming home it was almost midnight, so my sweet husband waited in line at Wal~mart to get the new book Breaking Dawn. Any Twilight fans out there in SparkLand??? Well... we bought 4 books. My daughter will want to keep hers, then I bought 3 for me and my students. I had several 5th graders last year read the series. I've been managing to keep exercising. That's EXCITING but... My food / nutrition has gone to crap. I have eaten A LOT of candy even though I've tried to redirect. I will have to think of a plan of eating this weekend too.

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