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Saturday, March 22, 2008


Holy Freakn' Crap LOL!!!

I shot my best golf score EVER!!! And... IT was so cold, but I didn't even notice or care really. I just relaxed and hit GREAT shots!!! I shot an 84 at a pretty difficult course. I shot an 85 once last year at a much easier course.

ANYWAY... I know it's because I was calm, relaxed, and just swung my club nice and easy and hit the BALL! I showed up a few of the guys we were playing with too. My husband shot an 82 and the other 2 guys shot 86 and 91 (very respectively) :>)

It's a lot funner playing out of the fairway and making putts on the green.

Thanks to Bob my golf instructor too. He's pretty miraculous!

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