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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Lots of Sunday Thoughts...

First, I am very happy to be healthy today, and I am filled with gratitude toward my Heavenly Father. I am so thankful for the people around me that He has sent. There really, really are a lot of kind, caring people on this planet. I think I just need to be better about recognizing them.

I taught my daughter's class today. WoW! My school class of 30 are tame compared to them. LOL! It actually went pretty smoothly all things considered. I was just surprised though that there wasn't a "calmer" atmosphere there. It is a church, BUT... they are 13 and 14 year olds. LOL! I am really thankful that I had the opportunity to teach it. Whitney was really sweet to me and helpful during the lesson. Our relationship is so up and down, that I need to really acknowledge and appreciate the good times.

We had a fabulous lesson in relief society also. I couldn't believe it really... It was about how we have to know God, Accept God's love for us, and spread God's Love by serving others (charity). I couldn't believe it really. I have been desperately seeking answers to my questions about God. Like... Who He is to me? What I would like Him to do for me? The answer: Search the scriptures. The Bible, the Book of Mormon. Discover for myself. Honestly... I think I have been so NO church that I have really forgotten about the scriptures, and they are sometimes hard to understand. Here are the two articles referenced:

First one is called Grandeur of God by Jeffrey Holland

The second one is called The Great Commandment by Joseph B. Wirthlin

I was in primary for a little while to listen to my son Ben's talk. He did a wonderful job. I actually (of course) helped him prepare his talk, and I had decided to just have him give a talk similar to what I was teaching Whitney's class. It was neat, because I could share some of his answers with the older kids as examples.

Then, our sacrament meeting was wonderful. Easter Sunday. Remembering Jesus and His Resurrection and Crucifixion. Randy came with me. I love it when he comes with me. I even let Whitney sit with her friend and about 10 minutes into the meeting she came back in tears and sat with us. She said it was like she was feeling homesick. Oh how sweet!!!

Anyway... one of the hymns that really touched me was Where Can I Turn For Peace Here's the LDS website where you can listen to all the hymns:,17929,4782-1-1,00.html?reportStart=21&reportEnd=34&searchPhrase=W#nullLink

I am now just relaxing and trying to finish Step 2. I've enjoyed taking my time and better understanding God and my relationship with Him

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