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Monday, May 21, 2007

Mini Melt Down

LoL... I guess this blog is turning out to be just like a journal. I write in it a few times a year. I don't know why, but I always feel like I have to have something insightful to say when I write, but I don't.

So... mini melt down. Yep... I had one this weekend. Same old blah blah blah stuff. It seems like every month or two I have to have a big pity party and feel sorry for myself. I feel so frustrated with myself when I let this happen, but in all honesty.... I feel SOoooo much better after I have one. I cry, vent to myself and to others, list the reasons why I feel overwhelmed and let it ALL out. Then, I pick my butt up and move on.

Yet again, I find myself reflecting back on what makes me "happy". I must say... Religion/church seem to always forge right up to the top of my list. Life is about living and what kind of a life I want to live, but whenever I think of the life I want to live, I just want to be more Christlike. Be nicer and kinder. I need to Forgive and Ask Forgiveness more. Both to those around me and to my Heavenly Father above.

I also need to remember all of the amazing things I am so thankful for. I am so blessed to have amazing children that really do love and appreciate me. I just need to listen and remember the many times they say thank you and I love you mom.

My husband is the GREATEST! He knew that I was feeling very upset on Saturday, and he lovingly left me a card on the table that told me so. How thoughtful? I am very lucky.

I miss my mom a lot. Although, I don't ever want to tell her that. She is one of my greatest supporters and cheerleaders. I miss going over to her house and just being able to vent and have her listen. I really do listen to her advice even when she tells me it's me and that I need to be nicer to my husband. I know it's true.

I love life and this incredible journey. I just need to remind myself of the things that really make me happy. My family, my religion, my HEALTH (exercising and eating healthy), my job, servicing others even when they don't notice or expect it, and learning to love my faults as well as my strenghts. That's what makes us unique.

Mini Goals: Go to church and implement the things I've learned. I learned this week to Ask Heavenly Father for help. I need to let Him in to help me and not always think I can do things all on my own.

Pray and Listen to the answers

By the way... I changed my hair color too. Blonde or Brunette? HONEST Comments are welcome.

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