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Monday, April 2, 2007


New season... Spring! Hallelujah!!! I am so excited to begin a new season. The birds are chirping, the leaves on the trees are budding, soccer begins, and it's time for golf again. My latest addiction is golf. I think that is a pretty healthy addiction at least. But... I do feel the guilt when I would rather be golfing than sitting at church.

So, Randy and I went golfing last Saturday at Davis Park. I shot a 96 and he shot a 79. Our new bet is, whoever wins pays the other person's green fees. He is generous enough to give me 1 stroke a hole. So, our first match I won! I sunk my putt on the 18th hole. Wahoo!!! I'm not competitive, I'm not, I'm not, I'm not!!! Ok... maybe just a little. I am really happy when others win too.

It's my favorite month of the year also. APRIL not just because it's my birthday. Although, I have to admit I love my birthday. It's April 30th the last day! I like May too, so it's perfect. I hate my name though, and I always flick my mom crap for naming me Lynette. BLAH! I hate the names Lynette, Jeanette, Nanette, Annette, no offense to anyone named any of those names, but they just seem so "old" ladyish and Blah! When I was younger I always wanted a name like Stephanie or Melissa or Stacy or something other than LYNETTE! I don't mind really now, it's just kind of funny. Oh ya, and please don't call me Lynn that's a prissy name; however, you may call me Netty or Net those two seem just fine. I actually almost prefer Netty over Lynette. How did I get rambling about my name? Oh... my birthday month and how I like it.

Life is pretty good! I feel very lucky and blessed. My kids are happy and healthy. I still have the same wonderful husband. I have a great job and am enjoying it even more when I have two weeks off. I've been exercising again consistently for almost 6 months. I'll always be fighting the "eating healthy" demon, but hey we all have our nemesis right and when I really overcome that one there will be a huge cause for celebration! I'll let you know when that happens, although it might be at the same time I meet my maker again.

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