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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Too Many Funerals

I definitely feel like... I've been to TWO too many funerals already in the year 2007, and I am nearly certain I will be attending at least one more. Both of these two people died way too soon and very unexpectedly.

Yesterday, I went to Karen Nelson's funeral as a support to my husband since she was his secretary and left the funeral so inspired and with a desire to be more Karen-like. In her obituary it says, "Karen was absolutely Christ-like in every way." Knowing her, I know that this is true. Even more uplifting was listening to her children speak about their mother. Mother's everywhere can only dream that their children would say such kind words about them. The truly amazing thing is that this woman IS all that they say she WAS. You could tell that in no way were they saying these things simply because she had died and you glorify those that have passed on.

One thing that really touched me was when one of her sons spoke. He invited the people attending to email, visit, or call him and talk to him about his mother. He also invited them to come talk to him about the Plan of Salvation. I thought that was an incredible invitation. I want his email address.

On Monday, February 19, 2007 I attended my Uncle Layne's funeral. He was very different than Karen and didn't necessarily always live a Christ-like life. But... what is truly amazing about him is, he was able to change and live a more Christ-like life. He was even able to baptize my son. This inspires me to repent and Come Unto Christ no matter where I might feel I am spiritually in my life.

This life is truly so short. I know that is often said, but I know that we do live on and whether we do or don't live on I often, often think, "What kind of a life do I want to live? What will I be remembered for?" I hope that I can be remembered as both Layne and Karen and live a life such as theirs.

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