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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christ mas...


Sunday = Christmas

One of the main messages from our last Relief Society Lesson was to try to make each Sunday a reminder of Christmas. I often think about how I can celebrate and keep Christmas in my heart all year long. For me it can start with: Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy and Honoring the Sabbath by thinking of Christ and Heavenly Father. I LOVE Christmas time, and I think I do because I think more of SERVING and LOVING others. I don't need to do this more or just at Christmas time, I can do this ALL the time. I can start by really doing it on the Sabbath.

Here were some of my Sabbath Day Thoughts from the Lesson Manual:

#1 Go to Church
#3 Direct Thoughts Toward Heavenly Father
#4 Serve
#5 Visit the sick or Write a letter to the sick
#6 Listen to uplifting music
#7 Watch Spiritual Movies
#9 Repent and LET GO
#10 Fast
#11 Family History
#12 Bear Testimony
#13 Time with FAMILY *Spiritual Time*
#14 Read Scriptures, Ensign, Books
#15 Be full of Thanksgiving

***If you keep the Sabbath Day Holy then*** You WILL find *J*O*Y*

Don't we ALL want to find JOY and Happiness in this Life? Then worship our Lord and Savior.

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