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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sports Nutritionist

I went to a Sports Nutritionist today. Randy has a friend at school that is one, and she is AWESOME! I LOVED it! She was so friendly and very complimentary. She really focused on all the eating behaviors I am doing right and complimented me on my over~all weight loss. I am so glad I went.

She sent me home with 3 goals:

Eat protein and healthy fats with every meal and snack.

Eat more "scheduled" or regularly every 3-5 hours but have longer periods of no eating, not the constant grazing especially at night.

Journal my eating... mostly at night because that is my most difficult time.

Some of the great things I learned already are:

Most people do NOT exercise as much as I do, and I really do need more calories. Between 2000-2500 a day.

That it's ok to have a plain diet. I don't need to feel like I have to have a variety and be trying new things. Just try to add healthy proteins and fats.

She told me to get rid of my sugar free/ fat free stuff. Don't be afraid to eat the stuff with FATS in them. I NEED more fats. No Spray Butter. LOL!

Oh ya and... eventually I really need to get rid of the SCALE. It's not helpful. I should not be weighing myself more than weekly.

So... Tonight I am reflecting... I had a stressful day. More of an "anxious" day. For absolutely NO particular reason. I found myself thinking about food, but I ate when I was hungry and did not feel guilty about it. When I was feeling anxious I thought about why or what was causing my anxiety rather than what to do to NOT think about it. I came up with a few ideas and tried to deal with them by meditating and saying a personal prayer.

I am very HOPEFUL... I am hopeful that my preoccupation with food will subside. Although it's funny because she also mentioned that with the amount of training I am doing to complete an Ironman will require me to think more about nutrition and make sure I am getting the nutrients I need to perform.

I LOVE it! She was so positive and uplifting. I am looking forward to implementing the things she taught me.

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