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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Next.. Nutritionist

The other thing that I am so happy about this week is:

I went and talked to Julie "the nutritionist". She is AMAZING! She helps me to just feel good about myself and confident about the food choices I am making. She also reassures me that I really don't need to lose weight and that I am:

"A Strong and Healthy Woman!"

Love that mantra. I am a strong and healthy woman. We reviewed some nutrional goals and reflected on what was working. I absolutely believe that the added fat to my diet has helped me feel satisfied throughtout the day.

I eat 6 moderate meals and NOTHING in between. I cut out candy, bread, popcorn, and spray butter for now. She has encouraged me to eat "the real" stuff. She is discouraging me from buying low~fat or sugar free stuff.

I'm trying to stay busy and motivated at night. It helps for me to get in a second exercise workout. I am definitely a morning exerciser. LOVE IT! But, in the evening it's nice to jump on my bike or do the elliptical. One day I might even go swimming again.

Things are going GREAT FOR today!

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