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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Turkey Triathlons

I actually participated in two separate Turkey Triathlons this month. Two weeks ago, I did the Orem Turkey Tri. I think there were about 225 women participating and over 500 total. I got 1st place in my 30-35 Age Group.

Last Saturday, I did a treadmill half marathon. LOL! I haven't ever run that far on my treadmill, and it actually stopped when I got to 100 minutes. I ran it in about 1:52:30. Not BAD! I am hoping to go that fast down in St. George at the Painter's half marathon in January.

Yesterday, I participated in the Weber State Turkey Tri. Thanks to my mom's recruiting. It was fun! I won overall female! Woo~HOO!!! Winning always brings joy. I was really happy that Randy was able to finish too. He has overcome so lingering injuries. Speaking of injuries, my knee has been doing ok. I had a few problems with it on my long run last month in Mesquite. I realized it is aggravated by my downhill runs. So, I'm obviously avoiding downhill races and runs.

I felt like my run was my fastest ever yesterday, but I forgot to wear my watch, and I think the mileage might have been off anyway.

I am looking forward to Thanksgiving. I have so much to be Thankful for. My kids are off to Australia and New Zealand for over 2 weeks on December 5 with Nana and Grum~pa. I'm excited for them!!!


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