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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Lost in ...

My babies are leaving in a week to go on a cruise to Australia and New Zealand with my mom and dad. I am so excited for them.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Ben still believes in Santa which is hard, because I want to just give them spending money for the cruise. He expects tons of presents when he gets home. I'm reaping what I've sewn.

Me... I did a long run outside today. That's a big deal for me. I prefer to run indoors on my treadmill for a variety of strange reasons. Any~how... I ran 12 miles outside in around 1:50:00. I took it pretty slowly. I didn't want to get stranded or hurt 6 miles away from home. It was nice! I came home and my knees felt ok. I iced them just in case. I got on my foam roller and stretched out a lot too. I feel great now 8 hours later. I'm actually just BORED!

Ok... so I'm off to an indoor soccer game with Whit. I'm excited for my upcoming events in 2009!!! Keeping me very motivated this week (LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL)

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