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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Open Minded???

My questions of the day are:

Are people really open-minded? Do they just think they are? Do they really listen to and VALUE other people's opinions that are different than their own? Or do they just "tune you out" when it's not what they want to hear?

An interesting statistic I found this week: 80% of people that are talked to negatively... it has a negative impact on.

Only 20% of those that are given a "put down" or talked to negatively can really let it "just go".

Fascinating... but I absolutely agree! And... Just my opinion... We almost socially accept the put-down's and rude talk more than the positive talk.

Is being kind really thought of as "WEAK".

Do we all just profess to have certain hopes, but really don't believe change and better days are possible?

Does Lynette ALWAYS think WAY too deeply??? YES!!! Is this what causes conflict in her LIFE??? YES!!!


Love ya! Have a great day!!!

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