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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Update #13

This is NOT a picture of my bike or house, but this IS a picture of a similar bike trainer I used this morning. My husband has been using this indoor trainer, and I decided to try it out with my bike this AM. I really liked it. It's like doing a spinning class right at home. I worked my butt off. It definitely gets boring quickly though, and it is not as nice as going outside for a ride, but I am excited to use it a lot over the winter. Wetsuit update: OK... I ordered what I thought was a very similar wetsuit to the one I tried on in the store. Well... it's NOT. It's WAY, WAY, WAY too SMALL. Grrrr!!! So... that really sucks. I decided to just order the one that I tried on in the store. I still got it on E~Bay for cheaper than what I would have paid in the store. I learned many lessons from this experience too. Eating... I had 6 really healthy eating days, then bombed (BOOM) yesterday. I am desperately trying to stay on track today.

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