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Friday, May 23, 2008

More Events To Look Forward To?

So... I registered for yet another event. It's actually next Saturday. It is for a wonderful cause. It's a 50K bike ride for kids. They raise money to give needy kids bikes. Third graders at my school will each get a bike. How cool is that? Here's the website:

I am excited, and it shouldn't be too difficult just lots and lots of FUN! My husband has done a few 100 milers this year, but he willingly lowered his standard to ride with me. (LoL) Maybe I'll try to get a picture before/after the event and try to post it. I always forget to take pictures.

Also, a friend offered to try to get me into the Spudman triathlon in Burley, ID. It's already filled up, so I can't get in unless he is able to get me in. The swim is down the Snake River, and I'm told it's a great triathlon.

So... I'm feeling ok today. A bit anxious and unmotivated. But... enjoying the moment and very happy to have the day off.

Plans for the weekend:

Idiana Jones movie with kids
Visit my sister
Recovery meeting or two or three...
Horseback riding at my uncle's house (guess just my aunt's house now)
Lots of exercise
And hopefully... a few assignments completed