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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Bikes 4 Kids

Here's me right after my ride!

I really had a GREAT time! We rode a little over 30 miles, and I am really excited that some of the bikes will go to 3rd graders at my school. They definitely need them and will appreciate them. I was hoping to see the kids from my school, but they weren't coming for another 2 hours, and I had to get home.

As for the ride. It felt really good. My husband pushed me a little, and I felt like I definitely got a nice workout, but it really was just right. I didn't feel exhausted at the end, but I was ready for it to be over. I just want to over and over remind myself that charity events/races are very motivating to me! I really, really enjoyed this and know it was for a GREAT cause. I want to participate next year. I am glad that Chelsea, a lady in my school district, let me know about it. It was worth the $40 entry fee for sure!

So... what's next? My Wasatch Back Relay Race with my aunt in memory of my uncle Layne. It was very nice to go to Ogden on Memorial Day and see my aunt and cousin Clinton. I took Clinton out to lunch, and he asked me if I wanted to go by the cemetary. We did, and it was really sweet. I was able to see my grandma, grandpa, aunt, and two of my uncle's including Layne's headstones. I felt very emotional, and it was just very special. It is nice to be reminded of all the memories of loved ones that have passed on. I remembered a lot of things about my aunt Margee as I was there too. I actually spoke at my grandma's funeral also.

Life is good. I enjoy exercising and living one day at a time. I love my family and friends and just feel very blessed.

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