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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Athena NO MORE!

Ok... I don't usually post about my actual # on the scale weight. But... today I have to. I registered recently for a triathlon, and I was a little upset by the way they grouped people. They have a category for women called Athena. It's for women that weigh over 150. I was sad and mad! Women that are tall can be extremely thin weighing 150 and athletic. Like a woman that is 5'10 and competing in triathlons could very, very easily weigh 150. So... I know it doesn't really mean you're fat, but of course I thought over 150 Athena catergory is for the BIG girls.

Anyway... I got on the scale this AM, and I am NO LONGER in the Athena category. Woo-Hoo! I weighed in at 148.6!!! Honestly... I am much more pleased with my daily behavior than any # on the scale. That is the complete HONEST truth. Yes... of course it is nice to lose weight, but believe me... I've done that many times before. I have just felt good the last few weeks, I have been consistently exercising, and I just feel HAPPIER! Like there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I am doing the things that I am happy doing. I just need to remind myself that these are life long things that I need to continue doing. Exercise, eat healthy, find spiritual balance, let things be, vent and let it go. Do the best I can. Etc, etc, etc...

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