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Sunday, February 3, 2008

I really enjoy Sundays and reflecting back on things going on. Last Sunday, Gordon B. Hinckley our Prophet died at the age of 97. I enjoyed listening to his funeral services on the way up to visit my aunt Denise and counsin Mikell. I am actually distantly related to Gordon B. Hinckley. He and my great-grandmother Temperance Mason Davis are second cousins. President Hinckley's son Clark lives just down the street from me, and he is my grandma Gwen Tesch's third cousin. I thought that was really interesting. It was a beautiful service, and it's wonderful to know that he has been reunited with his wife.

I was able to go up to Ogden and visit my aunt Denise and cousins. My uncle Layne died almost exactly one year ago. She has had a very difficult year. She has asked me to run a relay race with her from Logan to Park City. I really want to do it, so I need to start training and running consistently again. Randy is going to train with me and run also. I am excited!

My cousin Mikell has a darling son named Carter. It was really fun to hang out with them and see how they are doing. I would really like to go visit her in Eugene. She has a new beautiful house I am told and loves company.

Also this past week, I had parent conferences at school. I was really impressed that every single parent showed up pretty much right on time. It is always so interesting to meet with my student's parents. I really feel like this school year has gone really well. I have a large class and many, many different challenges, but I really feel like my students are hard workers, and I absolutely love that.

Whitney got another report card. She got straight A's and 1 B in music. I thought that was kind of funny. She is a wonderful musician, but I guess she forgot to turn in an assignment. She is an amazing daughter also. She is very talented in many ways. It is getting difficult for me as a parent to watch her go through adolescence. I can't believe she is going to turn 13 next month. Ahhh!!! As a parent my role is definitely changing, and I truly pray each day for patience and understanding in dealing with her.

Ben is doing great also. He has his science fair experiment coming up this week. That is always a challenge for me. I am not exactly the science genius. LOL! Nor is it one of my favorite subjects. Although, I have really enjoyed teaching it to my students this year. I really like having my own class and not rotating for subjects which has surprised me a little. Anyway, Ben is doing great! He is a wonderful son. His goal this week was to try not to be quite so selfish.

Life is really pretty good. The house is always a little too messy, I always weigh a little more than I'd like, my kids are always making little mistakes, but really Who Cares? Life is good.... Right?

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