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Saturday, August 4, 2007

Mom's Home!

My mom is home! Woo-Hoo!!! I am so excited that my parents made it home safely. I missed my mom a lot. I have my best listening / venting buddy back. YEA!!! LoL... That's not all I appreciate about her, but that is definitely one of them.

I also went back to teaching this week. I was hoping to take a class picture this week, but I kept forgetting my camera, then on Friday I brought it and totally forgot. But... I am kind of glad I've waited. In years past, I take a class picture during the first week and 5 more students show up over the first week. So... this time I waited and hopefully more students will be able to be in the picture, and I can post it on my blog.

It's going to be a tough year teaching. I already have 29 students and counting. 29 students that are all very "needy". I had 4-5 students (fifth grade) poking me. YES!!! Poking me saying, "teacher, teacher!" I've taught first and second grade and had this happen a lot, but 5th graders??? It was a little frustrating. I have several students receiving Special Ed. services for being "emotionally disturbed", non-English speakers, and a hodge-podge of others. I would say about 7-8 students are on/above grade level and the rest of the 29 are below and severely below. But... I love my job, and I will do the best I can!

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