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Thursday, June 14, 2007

My Little Girl

My kids are growing up. Sad but true. My daughter Whitney went to football camp this week. Yes... Full contact football camp, and she even played on the defensive line. She did a great job! I was very proud of her. She went into the boys locker room, had her own locker, was teased a little, and handled it with ease. She has bruises up and down her arms, and was pretty sore. The craziest thing is... She wants to go back next week for more. Oh my! What have I done? Meanwhile, my son Ben is at golf camp. He is enjoying that a lot. I took him to go watch Whitney at her football camp and asked him if he would like to go be a football player, and he said, "I would rather recite Shakespeare the rest of my life than play football." I thought that was hilarious. It's interesting how children do come hard wired. Their dad is Tongan, and my daughter really loves the Tongan culture and wants to learn more about it and has more of the "Tongan Style." My son is completely opposite. We say he's white-washed. He doesn't really have a desire to learn about the Tongan culture. It's just interesting to me how I know this isn't a learned behavior. This is the way they were born, and I just love them both for all of their many talents and desires. Of course as a mom, I just want my children to be confident, happy, successful, and to find what they enjoy out of life. Which I have no doubt both children will do. They are great kids, and I am so lucky to be their mom.

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