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Friday, November 25, 2011


I haven't been blogging obviously for awhile...

I over~analyze things and figure "what's the point?"

But then I think... the point is... to share my life and thoughts with others. Especially my children one day.

Whitney is now 16 years old~ I can NOT believe it. She is an amazing daughter.

-She absolutely LOVES kids. She hangs out with all of her cousins and loves been around kids.
-She is very kind and giving. Often times, I think she cares more about others than her self. She'll buy her friends and family everything and anything she can. Forgetting to buy her own basic needs.
-She is a people person. Loves chatting with everyone.
-She is extremely creative and artistic.
-She truly has the biggest HEART. I am absolutely amazed by her natural desire to be good and help others.

A few things I hope she gets the hang of:

-Daily exercise.
-Eating Veggies (hahahhahahaha)
-Remembering things...

Really... I would absolutely take Whit's great qualities over anything she needs to work on any day!!! She is a wonderful daughter.