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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Thinking Out Loud...

2011-2012 School Year...

My principal called me today to talk about my school schedule next year.

Great Article:

I was thinking about the new grants we received and...

Why don't we apply for a mental health grant for students and teachers (hahahha just kidding / teachers).

Para Pros:

Only students that WANT to go with them.
Kids who WILL work with them.
Paras that UNDERSTAND the material and can explain it clearly to students.
Adjustments as necessary.
Not the same kids every time.
Same kids every time? NO..... just thinking.....
POSITIVE, POSITIVE, POSITIVE... We want progress... Not a time filler or trying too hard to do too much and spinning our wheels.

I'm EXCITED for this upcoming school year. I have a smaller class and a great partner to work with YAYAYAYAYAY!!!

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