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Thursday, July 28, 2011

What Day Is Today?

Hahahaha!!! My daughter Whitney on the left. My niece Audrey on the right AND... CREEPER~Ben behind them. So funny!!!

Interestingly enough... I have lost track of all time. When I am not teaching sometimes the days run together.

With that said... Life has been interesting lately. I've been enjoying being a mom this summer. I can't believe that my daughter is 16 and what an interesting age it is.

I can write ALL day All summer about Whitney and all of her daily doings, but I won't. I will put it in a nut~shell:

Whitney... Got her 1st job and is doing an amazing job.

Is getting her driver's license officially this Monday, August 1st
Went on her first "real" date last Sunday night. FREAKY!!!

Got a car (The Explorer)
Opened her checking account and got a debit card.......

Hmmmm... seems like so much more.

She and I have a great relationship. But... I must say these last 2 months have been a little hard. I feel like she has grown up over night and has so many grown~up responsibilties. I haven't even mentioned school and how she will balance all that. OR... SOCCER? She has not been very motivated to participate on one of her soccer teams and that's a little frustrating too. So, I am really trying to mostly let her make her own decisions. I can guide her and give my own opinion, but I guess things are more and more up to her, and she has to suffer the consequences too. She is an amazing young woman, and she is SOOOOOOOOOO much better than I was, and to think... I was pregnant in a year and a half. NOOOO!!! I can NOT think that. But honestly, if that happens then you DEAL with it.

So on to the BEN....

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