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Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Iron Test


My students really encouraged me and were very excited about my Ironman Triathlon.

Yesterday at school, I decided to make a comparison between an Ironman and "THE" Irontest.

Our class decided that the End of Level Testing for 5th Grade this year should be called the Iron~Test.

The cool thing about Ironman is.... FINISHING and becoming an IRONMAN.

The cool thing about the Irontest is..... PASSING the irontest and becoming an Irontest~MAN.

Of course there is an Ironman Champion so there must be an IronTest Champion.

We will also give awards to the IronTest Math, Science, and Language Arts Champions.

Anyone who "finishes" .... PASSES the IronTest will receive an IronTest Medal.

Everyone who competes in the IronTest will receive a participant _______ ribbon???

I am not sure how this all will work out. BUT.... CURRENTLY.... we are in Training for the IRONTEST.

A dedicated Irontest competitor may have to:

Miss recesses to study for the Irontest.
Stay after school to learn new skills for the Irontest.
Complete Extra Irontest homework.
Stay in during Art, Music, or P.E. to study for the Irontest.
They may even need to miss a field trip, showing true dedication and commitment.

Each week students are given an opportunity to take a Pre~Irontest. We reflect on these practice tests and try to learn from our mistakes and make the necessary adjustments.

We are counting down the weeks and days until our Irontest. This will be an AWESOME competition!!! I am hoping that ALL of my students pass the IronTest.

***PS... Some people might not understand how difficult this test is for my students. Last year, 50% of my class did NOT pass the 4th Grade CRT test. For my own son Ben, this test is rather easy, but for students that struggle in school... this is not an easy test.

***We even compared nutrition strategies to math and reading strategies. Nutrition during an ironman is of utmost importance. Math and reading strategies during the irontest are of utmost importance. You need to learn and adjust these strategies during the practice irontest :)

****One of my students (D) asked me what my new goal is. I was so touched that he asked me this question, and I responded with one of my favorite quotes, "Your teacher's goal is simple, to help you reach yours." I truly, TRULY believe this. The goal I have as a teacher is to help my students reach theirs. Even if it means... that I put some of my own triathlon goals on hold. I definitely can TRAIN HARD during the summer. If they don't recruit me into teaching more summer school. LOL!

***This inspired me to make a handout for our Parent Teacher Conferences next week***
Teacher, Parents, and Students... Working together toward the Irontest. Bring it on!!!

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