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Monday, December 29, 2008

New Year 2009

Now to the serious stuff...

I've reflected a lot this past year through out the year. I think it's just my nature. I am a "deeper" type of person, and I tend to over~analyze human nature and WHY people and especially MYSELF tend to do the things we do. It seems we all strive for balance and happiness in our lives. I am no exception to that.

Back in September I was trying to figure out how I could have more balance in my own life. I found some kind of a balance wheel, and I was able to prioritize some of the areas / things in my life. I realized that my list looked somewhat like this:

#1 God / Spirituality
#2 Time with each child, husband, and self. Positive, quality time...
#3 Friends and Extended Family
#4 Career
#5 Physical Activity / Nutritional Health
#6 Money / Budget
#7 Physical Environment (clean house lol)
#8 Fun and Recreation

I need to try to balance all of these different areas in my life, but I am always struck by my ability to discern the importance of God and Spirituality in my life. That is and must always be my #1, yet I seem quick to dump that as life gets hectic and busy, or I just don't "feel" like it.

Reminding myself for 2009... Put God as a top priority in my life. Pray daily, give thanks, ask for his help and guidance, listen to the Holy Ghost. I know that this will bring more peace and joy into my own life as well as the lives of those around me.

Be an example... Be nicer... to myself and others.

Make my Actions speak louder than my Words. Be a doer of Good works.

I am looking forward to studying the Doctorine and Covenants in 2009 and learning more about the Prophet Joseph Smith.

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