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Monday, December 1, 2008


This is too funny... I didn't laugh when Ben told me, but I have to describe our relationship here goes:

On most days I pick up Ben from his bus stop. He is soooooo funny... I can totally read him when he gets in the car each day. I ask him always, "How was your day?" Any pause... obviously is NOT good. But truly most times he pauses it is sincerely prefaced by, "Mom, I am so sorry. On the bus I was saying silent prayers and repenting to Heavenly Father." Then, he'll go on to tell me usually some minor problem he's had at school. He is such an amazing example to me.

So... TODAY... Ben gets in the car, and I ask the usual, "How was your day?" Ben pauses, then says, "Not so good." He got in trouble in the computer lab. He apparently made an inappropriate search on Google. He tells me that a buddy told him to search CHICK... And says it's harmless just a picture of a girl and a little bunny. Then the friend tells him to search Naked Chick. Ben says he freaked out and told the kid, "No Way!" But... the damage was already done. The teacher gets a report of any "trigger" words. Naked triggered the report and the three boys including Ben got in trouble. I actually LOVE these experiences. They are such teaching moments. Ben and I get to talk about how it's hard to stand up to your friends and tell them NO, you don't want to participate in something negative. I hope he learns from these and that the punishment is severe enough. I am sooooo glad he gets caught. I would hate for him not to get caught or try to lie his way out of bad situations. That would just perpetuate lying and inappropriate behaviors.

So... lesson learned. Never search for CHICKS in the elementary computer lab.

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