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Sunday, June 22, 2008

My Own Finish to Ragnar

Me at my LAST finish LINE! WOO-HOO!!!

Ragnar QUICK reflections: I don't have time right now to write all I want to, but here are some quick reflections:

My legs were: 3.4 Flat, Pretty Easy, but... HOT AS HELL!!!
7.0 DOWNHILL kicked my THIGHS and QUADS to crap, it was cold, and I had bowel problems. 6.1 Moderate, did great, felt really good, but it was still hot.

This race was SO much HARDER than I thought it would be. The no sleep thing is difficult, the heat, the cold, the body aches, the body poops (lol) literally, the frustrations.
I felt really good until the very end of the race. I knew my knee hurt a little, but I have been used to this and it's not really usually super painful. But... We were all going to run across the finish line together. My knee COMPLETELY gave out. I couldn't run... I had to limp and then got too far behind and tried to go outside the fence, and I couldn't get back in. It was HEART WRENCHING. I was SO sad and disappointed. Plus not having any sleep for 36 hours or even more... I was an emotional mess. I just wanted to go back to the car and get home.

I truly hope that my knee will be ok. My body hurts SO badly this AM. Muscle aches mostly. I did not train properly at ALL for the downhill. Boy... was I wrong. I am honestly not sure how I feel about the possiblity of doing this next year. If my knee doesn't heal, then it's really not worth it. Other than that... The body aches are probably worth it.

This race really got me back in shape! I am really happy about that. I hope I didn't ruin it for my aunt at the end. I felt so BAD! I just was in total pain.

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nokiai said...

Oh My!! i can't believe, well I can that you did it. way to go! What an amazing feat to accomplish!!!!

Anyways, sure do miss seeing you! Hope you're doing good!