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Thursday, May 1, 2008

This SUCKS!!!

I am SICK again!!! It sucks! Yesterday was my 32nd birthday and guess what I did? I went to the doctor and got poked with needles and have bruises on my arms now. I thought maybe I just had a bladder infection or something, but I peed in a cup and the result was NOPE... no infection, but then it's frustrating, because I have no idea what's wrong. I feel like total CRAP! The only good thing is... I can't eat much at all! I have some nasty pills to take that make me sick too. The Advil and Tylenol seem to mostly be working, but I can sure tell when they wear off.

So... my students started taking the all important End of Grade Level Tests. BLAH! That sucks too. It's so painful watching them answer easy questions that you know you've taught them WRONG! I really do wonder what the heck they are thinking. More than ever, this year I realized I just can NOT teach them all the common sense knowledge they should already have by 5th grade. I can't show them a sunrise or get them to read between the lines and make inferences. It seems they really either get it, or they don't. I try and try and try... but what's common sense to you and me, is completely unheard of to most of these kids.

Well... I am going to go back and lay down now. I am trying to rest and help myself feel better. So far... it's not really working. But hopefully soon, soon, SOON... I will feel better.

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