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Saturday, March 3, 2007

Swimming Goal

I DID IT! I swam 4000 yards in an hour. I am very proud of myself. :) I've been going over to our Sports Complex and swimming every Saturday morning. Some people think I'm kind of weird, because I like to get in and just swim and swim and swim. I haven't really been doing sets or even changing strokes. I just get in and swim freestyle. I started out back in November when I decided to buy a new swimming suit and just GO! I hate going swimming when I feel fat. You can't hide any of your fat in a suit. But... I went and bought a suit and started swimming again. I even bought a yearly pass and have been writing down every time I go to make sure that I get my money's worth. I bought my pass on November 22, and I've been 15 times. To get my money's worth, I've got to go at least 3-4 times/month. I would like to start going at least one more time during the week, but I am not too worried because during the summer I will want to lay out and take the kids to play in the outdoor pool.

Another accomplishment was getting back on track and eating healthy. This is so important. I easily throw in the towel and give up eating healthy after a few bad days. But not this time. I can forgive myself and start eating healthy at any moment. I went to my WW meeting and lost the weight I had gained the week before. I also got a 16 week "stick with it" award. A friend of mine was saying how we should just think of being healthy and remind ourselves to be healthy. That's a great way to think of exercise and nutrition in general.

I've also been feeling a lot nicer around my coworkers and family. I've had more patience and have been trying to be positive. I am looking forward to going to church with the kids tomorrow too. After feeling as yucky as I did last week, I need to reassure myself that if I can stick out the storm, the sunshine will come back.

Also, I have been reflecting on things that I'd like to change and really now that I am feeling better and reflect, I LOVE my life! During times of depression every little thing seems bleak for no apparent reason. I know that I have so many things to be thankful for. I have a few little issues that I need to work through to create an even healthier and happier life but for the most part... I have an incredible life and family!

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